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SpruceAlive Cream

SpruceAlive Cream

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Introducing The Newly Formulated SpruceAlive Cream, a high-powered, raw spruce resin extract cream.

SpruceAlive is wild, raw spruce resin cream in royal jelly, bee propolis plus wildflower honey and balsam. It also is fortified with pine resin plus essential oils and nettle oil, along with hemp extract, raw hypericum oil, oregano oil, and vitamin E oil,  for skin support. Every oil that supports skin health in one jar.

This is a highly potent formula, which helps greatly and aids skin health.* Both spruce and pine resins have a prolonged history of use for skin support. For instance, pine tar is famously relied upon for psoriasis, while the resin of spruce has been used in Scandinavian countries for both skin health and the assistance in the healing of wounds.

This is aided by essential oils of oregano and lavender and also the highly skin therapeutic wild hypericum oil.

Rely upon it for its penetrating powers, which are unsurpassed.* Think how valuable this would be for supporting skin health and for placing on any area of concern.*

Ingredients: mango butter, kokum butter, shea butter, rose hip oil*, apricot kernel oil*, hemp seed oil*, grape seed oil*, olive oil, raw honey, raw propolis, pollen, raw royal jelly, arrowroot powder*, BTMS-50 (plant based emulsifier), raw hemp extract, jojoba oil, St. John's Wart extract, lavender essential oil, raw spruce resin, raw pine resin, raw oregano

SpruceAlive Cream is a breakthrough formulation, combining wild spruce resin with wild pine resin, enhanced with natural, wild essential oils. This cream is a potent solution for various skin needs and can be used as a preventive face and hand cream. It is a rare natural remedy that was never before available.

SpruceAlive Cream harnesses the immense power of raw spruce gum resin extract from the wild spruce tree, combined with wild propolis, royal jelly, and raw honey. This fully emulsified extract contains powerful resin acids and natural terpenes that may support a healthy skin response*.

Infused with lavender oil, SpruceAlive Cream has a soothing and very pleasing aroma.

Directions: Apply SpruceAlive Cream as needed to revitalize the skin and support wound healing. It nourishes and beautifies the skin, making it ideal for normal, damaged, aging, cracked, or irritated skin, as well as sunburn. Regular use of this cream can help keep the skin soft and smooth.

The Newly Formulated Spruce Alive Cream is creamier than the old cream and it has the same skin enhancing and repairing qualities.  It is in a dark glass jar that is preserving and reusable. 

NET WT. 2 OZ. (60 ML.)

*Please note that these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. As with any skincare product, it is advisable to perform a patch test and discontinue use if any adverse reactions occur.

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